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Tani Meyer by Sir-Saboteur Tani Meyer by Sir-Saboteur
Name: Tani Meyer

Homeworld: Mandalore
Age: 41 (at the start of the Clone Wars)
Born: 63BBY
Died: 29ABY

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 5” (1.7 meters)
Weight: 137 lbs (62.14 kg)
Hair Color: Blonde with Brown streaks
Eye Color: Blue
Aliases: The Hellhound of Breshig
Mercenary, Head of Clan Meyer [link]
Affiliation: Mandalorians

Training others
Getting the jump on Andis


Beskad Saber, Lightsaber, blasters
Her Beskad is known as the “Crimson Cutter.”

Master Swordswoman: She is highly trained in both sword and lightsaber combat.
-Modified Form IV: Ataru
-T’ad Kad

*T’ad Kad- A technique everyone in Clan Meyer, from Taslon to Jack Meyer, has mastered. It involves the use of wielding a lightsaber and beskad at the same time in combat. Its roots are in Jar’Kai, the name comes from the Mando’s words T'ad Kad or “Two Sabers.”

Deadly Force practitioner.

As the head of Clan Meyer, Tani is the best blacksmith and metalworker.


If there were one word to describe Tani Meyer, it would be intense. She is a battle hardened commando width the skills to match. But beneath the tough and demanding, is a caring mother that would do anything to protect those she cares about.

Tani has strange ways of training people, especially Andis [link] . She “tests” his skill by attacking him out of the blue and forcing him into a duel her. She says she does it to help him be prepared for anything and finds areas where he may be lacking.


Tani was born in 63 BBY in the town of Solykad on Mandalore. The daughter of Ar’gan Meyer, at a young age, she was shown to be strong in the Force.

During the Mandalorian Civil War, she fought at the Battle of Breshig, where she singlehandedly wiped out a large opposing force, and became known as the “Hellhound of Breshig.”

Shortly before the beginning of the Clone Wars, she took her father’s place as head of the clan. When the war began she decided that the clan should stay out of the war, and let the Republic and Separatists fight it out.

After the Republic fell and the Empire rose, she opposed the Imperial occupation, she eventually led guerilla campaigns against the occupying forces.

The responsibility of leading Clan Meyer eventually was passed on to her son Andis.

When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Mandalore, Tani lead the defense of Solykad, even in her old age she was a deadly opponent. After the Yuuzhan Vong began the orbital bombardment of the planet, she used the greatest of her strength to protect Solykad from harm. She died of exhaustion, saving Solykad from harm and at the cost of her own life.

Masters/Teachers: Clan Meyer [link]

Apprentices/Students: Andis [link] , Akero, Marko, Shaya, and Tes, among others.

Force Abilities:

Force Boot
*Tani is the creator of Force Boot, a technique where the user exerts the Force through the heel of the foot. Similar to Force Push it’s used within a kick to send an opponent, even at a distance, flying. She often uses it in combination with her T’ad Kad fighting style. By slamming her foot against the ground, it releases a shock wave that radiates out from around her, almost like a 360 degree Force Push.

Force Lightning
Force Choke
Force Speed
Force Sense
Mind Tricks
Force Maelstrom

Training and teaching
Blacksmithing and Metalworking

Starla Winter
While her son Andis is off exploring the galaxy he met a young Jedi by the name of Starla Winter. She is interested in meeting her, whether they will get along is another question.

Family: Clan Meyer [link]
Husband: Valiston Ordo

Sons: Andis [link] 21 years old, Akero 15 years old, and Marko 12 years old

Daughters: Shaya 12 years old and Tes 10 years old

“Get off your lazy shebs and work or I’ll have you hauling ore from Tokursh"

“Being prepared is what’ll keep you alive.”

“We will stand and fight, nobody dies on my watch.”

Starla Winter [link] belongs to :iconhollyeddy:
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