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To Jango’s sons of wave and flood, come listen to my tale of blood, to you it may seem like a dream, though every line was lived. I’ll sing to you of our great campaigns, through burning hail and freezing rains, To Raxus gates and back again, I will retell to you.

It was in mid of twenty-two, that General Andis took command, and brought us down to Mandallia, then let it rain and shine, he drilled us everyday we rose, to train us how to crush our foe, and often have they known the blow of the fearsome thirty-seventh.

Then in late of twenty-two, while marching in a grand review, We were told our foes we should pursue, and Balmorra overthrow, to Moorja then we flew straightway, and took our destroyers down the way until we stopped next day, to storm and raid Bespin.

At Kabal then we camped around, till brave little Winter came down, And ordered us up to Tajon, our Boys there did combine, and there we worked all night and day, blastin’ tinney hoards away, and charging through the town next day was the Mighty Thirty-Seventh.

From Rishi then we flew away and landed an Katanos next day, And proudly marched along the way and fought across the pines, and there we stopped a week or more, until we let our cannons roar, and blaster fire came like a shower along their bloody lines. Blooded

Then double quick away we went, across the Hydian we were sent, to drive the sepies back we meant, no man fell out of line, There the Republic’s adopted sons, bravely shored up Kadal’s guns, and when the sepies run, cheered the fearsome thirty-seventh.

At Jabor then for weeks we lay, just picket fighting night and day, I’ve seen our brave boys borne away, and some in death did take, And in the seven days fighting on the track, we forced the seppies on their backs, when other regiments a fallen back, we stood at Vandyne.

Where track and foot retreated that day, all-reeling from that grisly fray, Right manfully we slaughtered our way in one unbroken line, and when our mags were all spent, three cheers for us the Republic sent, and charging through the tinnies went the mighty thirty-seventh.

And on Chanosant’s fields again we bravely faced the burning rain, few of our boys did upon the plain, did find a bloody grave, Where our brave general, lil’ Winter, forced foolish Grievous to clear the track, And drag his ragged clankers back across Ootmian’s Stars.

At Raxus was the whole brigade, with Andis who’s never afraid, as soon as the plasma bridge engaged, He charged in the first line, And though the bolts did fly around, we drove the tinnies from the town, fierce work is always done aloud, by the mighty thirty-seventh.

Next day upon the battle field, old Andis there was force to yield, For Grievous has a damned ray shield, protected front and rear, The cannons blazed of shot and shell as we blew that shield straight back to hell. Where a many brave man round us fell, we boldly did our share.

Alain, our Major, nobly stood, where the dirt was running red with blood, and flowing to the crimson flood, we still held up our line, though many donned a bloody shroud, as the Republic’s sons we made proud, to sing our deeds aloud of the mighty thirty-seventh.
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BrowncoatMando Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist
it works. My 1st thought was actually the Iliad not the American Civil War also got a little "charge of the Light Brigade" but good work regardless sounds like an old clone(retired) telling his kids or grandkids the story
Sir-Saboteur Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
I can definitely see that.
Jewel-Firefly Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Glad you posted this, Sir.  I like it all, especially the parts with 'lil Starla Winter.  ;)  Catchy song, too.  
Sir-Saboteur Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
Yep, was thinking about whether or not to do it, but you turned me ^^
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