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Meet the Beskar Brigade

The 37th Legion, an elite unit of clone troopers, lead by a Mandalorian mercenary and a former Jedi Knight, the men of the Beskar Brigade rose to infamy by conducting daring raids and destroying Seperatists armies.

37th Legion Beskar Brigade Clone Trooper 22BBY by Sir-SaboteurThe Beskar Brigade: An In Depth Look by Sir-SaboteurOfficers in the Beskar Brigade by Sir-SaboteurGeneral Andis Meyer by Sir-SaboteurCaptain Jones by Sir-SaboteurStarla Winter by Sir-Saboteur

In a battle between clone troopers who would win? 

20 deviants said Captain Fordo
19 deviants said Captain Rex
So I've been working on an extensive (and I mean extensive) OC Bio for my Mandalorian OC, Andis Meyer and am working on his quotes right now and was hoping to get your thoughts and opinions on them, tell me what you think.

Andis Meyer General Andis Meyer by Sir-Saboteur Inferno by Sir-Saboteur

Quotes: Andis is as much known for his tactical genius and combat prowess, as he is for his foul-mouth and wise proverbs.

:bulletblue:  “I seek knowledge, not for power, but to learn and understand.”

:bulletblue:  “We will be the spear that pierces the heart of the Confederacy. Not just physically but mentally, let them know that there is no planet in this war riddled galaxy that is out of reach from our black hand.” – Brigadier General Andis Meyer to his men prior to the Battle of Serrano

:bulletblue:  “Hoth sucks, I wouldn’t mind it as much if there was more archeological value to the place like Rhen Var or even Illum, it would distract me from the cold. You know what you’ve got on Hoth? Snow! Lots and lots of fucking snow! If my armor wasn’t temperature controlled my nuts would be stuck to my cod piece right now!”- High General Andis Meyer expressing his displeasure of the new location of the rebel base to fellow general Carlist Rieekan

:bulletblue:  “I am not here to make friends, to be honest, if I haven’t made a good number of enemies, than I haven’t been doing my job.”

:bulletblue:  “If the Separatists’ want a war, I’ll make them sick of it.”

:bulletblue:  “The Confederacy would like to have the galaxy that its heart is unreachable, that it is untouchable to the Republic Dogs like myself and my boys, the fact that we’re standing here today disproves that. As long as my Brigade and me are around, Dooku can’t protect you, Grievous can’t protect you. Your options are surrender or suffer.”-Brigadier General Andis Meyer at the Battle of Serrano.

:bulletblue:  “Make your strength known with the first move, because if you don’t, there’s a good chance it’ll be your last.”

:bulletblue:  “You dare attack my planet, kill my people and harm my family! Now on the graves of my fallen comrades, I swear that I will hunt you and your people, you’ve poked a strill with a stick, and now you shall know my vengeance!”-Andis Meyer to a Yuuzhan Vong field commander, seconds before cutting him down at the Battle of Mandalore.

:bulletblue:  “The war you seek will be long and bloody, if the Rebellion is to stand up to the Empire, you’ll need a backbone, and I’ll help you make it.”- Andis Meyer in a meeting with leaders of the fledgling Rebellion

:bulletblue:  “An enemy you spare today is one that will shoot you in the back tomorrow.”

:bulletblue:  “You’re too kind Skywalker, and that’s your problem. Many in this galaxy are irredeemable, you might still see the good in them, but they are still evil, rotten to their cores. Concepts like mercy and kindness are concepts wasted on the likes of them. If you spare them, you will regret it.”-High General Andis Meyer to Luke Skywalker after mercilessly killing a Stormtrooper.

:bulletblue:  “While, since you asked, its simple, I was not the first to do such acts, the Confederacy was, just ask my good friend General Grievous. My actions are justified, I’m simply leveling the playing field.”-Brigadier General Andis Meyer to a reporter in a HoloNet interview on Coruscant vindicating his use of total war.

:bulletblue:  “Kenobi, you damn stick in the mud.”

:bulletblue:  “If you ever attempt to harm my men again, I will not hesitate to kill you, General Vos.”- Major General Andis Meyer to General Quinlan Voss after an incident.

:bulletblue:  “Are all Jedi just as stupid as you, or are you just special Skywalker?”- Major General Andis Meyer giving his usual compliment to Anakin Skywalker

:bulletblue:  “You’re the ugliest son of a bitch I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something.”- Brigadier Andis Meyer during an encounter with Durge on Dantooine

:bulletblue:  “I’ll fight for her [Starla] even if it cost me my life.”

:bulletblue:  “The death of a hero is rarely a pleasant one, I am neither a hero nor a villain, I am merely here to do my job, whether it is right or wrong.

:bulletblue:  “I’m just making sure my men have a future. I’ve seen how this war will end, the clones you treat like slaves and use as cannon fodder will not be free, and I am taking my own actions to see that doesn’t happen.”-Major General Andis Meyer to Jedi Master Atil Astelak, Provost Marshal General of the GAR

:bulletblue:  “I’m simply defending the rights of my men. And nothing, not you, the Republic or the Force itself will stop me form giving them the future you stole from them.”-Major General Andis Meyer to Jedi Master Atil Astelak, shortly before killing him.

:bulletblue:  “I am a man of great means and capabilities, and I can help you achieve your goals. All you need to know is that I hate the Empire, I honestly couldn’t care less if the Jedi Order vanished into the ashes of history, but I believe the Jedi can be used as tools to help bring down the Empire. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday I know this investment will pay off. I will offer your group my assistance, but I will never give you my real name, and if you so much as even think of betraying me, I’ll slit your throats without a second’s delay.” –Andis Meyer offering his services to the members of Whiplash

:bulletblue:  “Don’t underestimate the Mandalorians, we’re smarter than we look.”

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Hello I am Sir-Saboteur. I specialize in concept art and designs.

I live in New Jersey. I am the Black Sheep of my family. I am not normal, and I have no interest in being normal.

Hobbies: I like to Draw, Write, do Metalworking, and Build Swords.



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