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Meet the Beskar Brigade

The 37th Legion, an elite unit of clone troopers, lead by a Mandalorian mercenary and a former Jedi Knight, the men of the Beskar Brigade rose to infamy by conducting daring raids and destroying Seperatists armies.

37th Legion Beskar Brigade Clone Trooper 22BBY by Sir-SaboteurThe Beskar Brigade: An In Depth Look by Sir-SaboteurOfficers in the Beskar Brigade by Sir-SaboteurGeneral Andis Meyer by Sir-SaboteurCaptain Jones by Sir-SaboteurStarla Winter by Sir-Saboteur

In a battle between clone troopers who would win? 

18 deviants said Captain Fordo
17 deviants said Captain Rex

I saw :iconwilwarin9:'s OC meme… and it looked like fun so I decided to take a shot at it.

The rules: 
- Choose an OC to answer the following questions.
- You can skip three questions if you wish to keep the answers secret to your watchers, and avoid spoiling them about your character's story
- Tag 5 people.

I chose my Star Wars OC, Andis Meyer General Andis Meyer by Sir-Saboteur Inferno by Sir-Saboteur


What's your name?
“My name is Andis Meyer, of Mandalorian Clan Meyer, master swordsman, force user, and General of the 37th Legion, you probably know them better as the Beskar Brigade.”

How old are you?
“I just turned 22.”

Where and when were you born?
“I was born in the village of Solykad on Mandalore, its forested mountain area, about 97 miles northeast of Keldabe, 22 years back."

Who are your parents?
“My father is Valiston Ordo, and my mother is Tani Meyer.”

What are they doing for a living?
“My mother is the leader of our clan and as such, governs our town, she is also the chief blacksmith and works as a mercenary from time to time. My father is a bounty hunter, and is also an accomplished mercenary.”

Do you have any siblings?
“Yes, two brothers, Akero and Marko, and two sisters, Shaya and Tes 9.”

Who took you in their arms for the first time?
“I will not tell you that, it is not something you need to know.”

Is this person the one you love the most in your life?
“Of course she is. Don’t waste my time with dumb questions.”


What are you afraid of?
“I fear few things, only the loss of my family and friends.”

Who are you afraid of?
“I fear no one. If they are my enemy I look towards how to defeat them, rather than waste time with fear.”

When you're alone, what do you think of?
“Countless things rush through my head, some are how to better the lives of my clan and troops, and others are what to explore next.”

Your worst memory?
“About seven years back, I was fighting on Sepan during the Sepan Civil War, under the employment of the Dimok. During the course of the battle, we were overwhelmed by the Ripoblus’ reserve forces when they deployed to the field. The Dimok reinforcements we were promised never came, they had withdrawn leaving us to fend for ourselves. That day I saw many of my close friends and family members die that day.”

Does it still haunts you?
“To a degree, I go by day by day. The wounds heal overtime, yet every year, I pay respects to them in the clan’s cemetery if I’m on Mandalore.”

Softer things:

Who comforts you when you feel bad?
“My fiancé Starla.”

“That is of no concern to you.”

Is this person the one you love the most?
“Yes she is.”

What do you do to spend time together?
“We explore the galaxy, or train on Mandalore.”

Who are your best friends?
“Ferrous, Schmidt, and Ace.”

What is your best memory?
“That would have to be the Battle of Trumole. It was the first time the Beskar Brigade saw action since the completion of their training. Prior to this the Jedi had failed to take the heavily defended capital of Volgaris for to months and were withdrawing. I devised a plan that was able to overrun the city in thirty minutes, with almost no casualties. After that the Beskar Brigade became feared unit it is today.”

About your future:

What is your biggest dream, or your goal in life?
“My goal in life is to leave my clan and troops better than they before.”

Do you want to get married one day?
*grins* "I’m actually engaged”

Do you want to have kids?
“Of course. Its my duty to continue on my clan’s legacy and pass on what I’ve learned to the next generation.”

Do you project yourself into the future?
“Becoming the leader of my clan, and helping the clone troopers under my command settle down after the war draws to a close, bringing about a better future for all of them.”

I tag... :iconmandospartangirl117::icontipsutora: :iconsleepyiguana::iconjewel-firefly::iconxxnike-kovadrinxx:

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John Doe
United States
Current Residence: Mandalore
Personal Quote: “I am a man of the sword”
Favorite Tool: A Blade
Favorite Vehicle: M1A2 Abrams
Favorite Animal: A Reptile
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite cartoon character: Eric Cartman

Hello I am Sir-Saboteur. I specialize in concept art and designs.

I live in New Jersey. I am the Black Sheep of my family. I am not normal, and I have no interest in being normal.

Hobbies: I like to Draw, Write, do Metalworking, and Build Swords.



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